Black Jack Rules

The game of Blackjack takes place between the dealer (held by a casino dealer) and an unlimited number of players, 1 to 7 players can sit at the table, but others can participate by standing and betting on the same boxes as the players.

Non-seated players, however, cannot interfere in any way with the choices of those seated who are the only ones authorized to decide how to play.

Normally four decks of 52 Anglo-French cards are used.

Blackjack game technique

Players from left to right have the right to shuffle the cards which are then placed in the appropriate shoe.

At this point the banker begins the distribution and, proceeding from left to right, he gives one for each square and takes one for himself. Then he makes the second deal, but this time he reveals the players’ cards and keeps his face down.

Each player, always taking turns from left to right, starts his game. He can ask as many cards as he wants, all of which will be dealt face up, trying to get close to twenty-one without passing it.

If the player exceeds twenty-one he busts and immediately loses his stake along with all the others that have been bet on his box.

The value of the cards at black jack is as follows: aces are worth 1 or 11 depending on the opportunity, cards from 2 to 10 are worth their actual value, all face cards count 10.

Blackjack rules and curiosities

Black jack is the most popular game in the world, very similar to what in Italy is called seven and a half. But there are French people who consider it a variant of baccarat or chemin de fer.

In this regard, it should be noted that there are conflicting opinions on the origin of this game.

In an 1875 treatise it is presented as vign-et-un. Later the game took on several other names, still in use today, such as twenty-one, pontoon, vanjohn.

However, there are several ways to play black jack. The first is the one with the so-called fixed bank practiced in casinos. The second version with alternate bank (which is played in private) in which each player, in turn, has the opportunity to become a dealer, in Italy called with the name of twenty-one. And then there are all versions of online blackjack. Download the game software for free, learn game techniques and expert tips, try strategies in the free money version, or play for real in the real money version.